About Us

The Kodae Way LLC was established in December 2018 by Dejanique Wilson. It was originally for beauty products only offering, Clothes, Shoes, Lashes, and more. We are thankfully expanding and growing and have made room for more services. We offer graphic designs and consulting sessions helping with all businesses. We have made this our main focus being that we have the tools and knowledge to help other businesses start and grow. Join our team and become a “YUNG BOSS”!

About Me 

De’Janique Wilson. I’m a 21-year-old entrepreneur. I graduated from high school in 2018 and started working TOWARDS my  associate degree in Criminal Justice shortly after. As many of us know, being a college student is expensive, so I decided to invest in a “side hustle”. What was my side hustle became my job, my brand, and my heart! I fell in love with my business and being able to help others so much that I now dedicate every day of my life to it.